Donate blood to do a cell to alms hematopoiesis from, go to those who become to do cellular job to provide volunteer service for hematopoiesis again ” volunteer of 5 stars乐品汇休闲会所999 乐品汇休闲会所体验 class ” , “Let more people know to this returns a responsibility, let more people have unripe hope ” , the bus grows Zhou Jiangyu to use most the volunteer service that the word of guileless will come to generalize 5 years to be like one day. Recently the 7th period ” Guangzhou example ” in releasing an activity, zhou Jiangyu is广州棕南海体验报告西安棕南海洗浴价格表 judged to be 2019 10 big ” the 花都洗浴中心在哪里花都会所那里的服务好most beautiful beneficent family ” . Zhou Jiangyu tells a reporter, see more and 芳村海之悦桑拿体验广州芳村洗浴按摩全套more people get deliverance, in his heart very glad. Not only such, he still starts his family, taking a son to approach the volunteer subscriber of hematopoiesis dry cell, deliver warmth jointly.

Alms original intention: “I am healthy the hope helps others “

This year Zhou Jiangyu of 47 years old, it is Guangzhou public transportation group 2 steam excessive opens bus branch driver 番禺桑拿论坛番禺金桂湾全套价格of a bus, in the meantime, his accumulative total attends volunteer activity to exceed 600 hours, still be saved by G广州荔湾区哪有按摩荔湾足浴保健城正规不uangdong the Red Cross awards ” Guangdong saves volunteer of 5 stars class ” title.

The ideal way of week m新市附近桑拿广州洗浴会所寻欢记aster begins at 11 years before, “See say in news at that time, blood of earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River is nervous, I saw a heart in very afflictive went donating blood ” , that is week master first time donate blood, after donating blood, see other blood donor appears dizzy blood circumstance, oneself do not have too big response however, “Feel him body is very good, help others with respect to ground of in one’s power ” . From 2008 earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River begins to donate blood, week master attends free to donate blood (complete blood) 4 in all 1400ml, composition blood (plaque) 27 in all 54 units (every unit is equal to 200ml to donate blood quantity) , blood of cent of addition of accumulative total complete blood donates blood the quantity amounts to 12200 milliliter.

Donate blood in the process, week master sees a lot of children pictures that have leukaemia, “A lot of 2, child of 3 years old, feel they are very innocent. The help that needs us ” . In May 2010, week master leaves hematic sample in medullary library. Zhou Shi also is not to do not have perturbed in teach heart: “Also understand not quite at that time, saying is alms marrow thinking is smoke directly from the back, the feeling will be very painful, fear a b乐品汇 休闲会所乐品汇桑拿2019it ” , filling the pr零点水会有没全套广州零点水会全套ocess of sample of data keep blood, week master feels v广州玉龙阁最高消费广州玉龙阁白玉店ery nervous.

2014, week master received one electrify sentence, the family member that is little patient of a leukaemia of Be阿信国际会所技师318号齐富路新广北水体验ijing so passes China marrow library to search its inside the volunteer of countrywide limits the Zhou Jiangyu of be identical of transplanting condition photog番禺休闲会所一条龙番禺桑拿论坛raph. Although at that time year the parents of nearly 7 a pe员村仁源堂技师68技师怎么样riod of ten days is very afraid, but the opinion that still respects him. “I agreed instantly at that time, waited for ability conjugate 4 years to be able to help another person successfully, this is very god-given. And since leave appearance put in storage at that time, say to be willing alms, be about to talk calculate a sentence ” .

To ensure alms is medullary no risk at all, this paragraph of time, no matter be,live the master is cautious last week, the wife is the recipe that made science for him more. Finishing everyday after battalion movement job, also be in of wife, son accompany next holding to that exercise, for the hematopoiesis of alms health dry cell has made sufficient preparation.

On May 19, 2014 morning, zhou Jiangyu is in of family accompany came down to go on wheels to southern hospital hematopoiesis dry cell collects the job, it is a when he does not know besides a thousand li urgently the hope that the leukaemia little patient of medullary transplanting takes renascence. “Casual be informed those who await medullary transplanting is a little boy of 12 years old, there is inarticulate feeling in my heart. At that time is the marrow of photograph decision alms that sees sicken child, the feeling resembled satisfying at the outset wish ” , week master says.

5 years of volunteer services: “Very gratified in more people participate in his “

After alms hematopoiesis does a cell, the road of the love of week master is done not have at this point go no further, he became to rush about at the volunteer between the hospital, for hematopoiesis dry cell job provides volunteer 广州御豪国际水汇御豪国际水汇技师service. One have a volunteer to want alms hematopoiesis to do a cell, week master is about ” dispatch ” , the personal experience that uses oneself dis广州御龙池休闲会所 岗顶总统大酒店pels worry for these volunteers, cheer encourage.

Occupy week of master to recollect, once the volunteer subscriber as it happens of dry cell of a hematopoiesis is his Jiangxi fellow-townsman, when he just walked into ward to visit the fellow-townsman that awaits a广州御龙池828技师lms, the staff member of local Red Cross loosened to at a heat: “The as it happens that you come to ” . So this fellow-townsman is mixed only said to go out in the home travel, a person steals beat the gun to come to Guangzhou to await alms hematopoiesis to do a cell. Doing not have those who think of is, in media the report issues him accident however ” saw a newspaper ” , of the phone one after another in the home call, worry about his body, let him abandon alms, go back quickly. And in course home ” blowy ” add oneself to also understand a situation not quite, also 广州足浴按摩哪里好按摩推油飞机技巧视频hit in this fellow-townsman heart retreat a kind of drum used in Chinese operas. Await in those days, week master just donates the time that hematopoiesis works a cell to have one year, cheer to fellow-townsman with personal experience encourage. This fellow-townsman also puts down the heart that hanging eventually: “You were contributed do not have a thing, my alms marrow is iron plate hammer was nailed ” .

In doing cellular job to offer volunteer service course for hematopoiesis, week master added a lot of small letters, Qq group, group in have the people that comes from all corners of the land, they are had a plenty of already alms is successful, have a plenty of those who await conjugate alms. Week master meets will at ordinary times the photograph that oneself go to visit subscriber sends group in share with everybody: “They are very much because do not understand and the person fears to alms marrow, I and they say actually alms means resemble广州海之洲水疗休闲会馆岗顶总统大酒店s offerring plaque same, they were not afraid of ” . Week master says, a lot of subscriber are very low-key, “A御豪国际水汇技师广州御豪国际水会怎样 person is contributed help a person, the help that conduct propaganda goes out will be greater ” .

Volunteer subscriber has every hematopoiesis dry cell a number, the countrywide number that week master says him is 4000 much, and before the hematopoiesis dry cell that goes visitting is volunteer the number of subscriber has been 9000 much, more and more people understand alms hematopoiesis to do a cell and in participating in its, week master feels very gratified: “The thing that him feeling does is significant really, can help others! ” and future, the ideal way of week master will continue to step down, go coming true ” want to let more people know to this returns a responsibility ” target.

The picture suffers the p广州金沙休闲中心金沙休闲中心erson that visit to offer

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