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Proficiency in English
Occasionally I visited this website in my spare time and found there are many gentlemen and ladies who are living abroad or would like to live in overseas without proficient English. How can they survive or have decent jobs in the English speaking country? Anyway, English is the dominant language in the world and we have to master it if we’d like to have enough money to buy villas or other properties in the desirable cities all over the world and get rid of the labour jobs in the developed countries. For example, my Japanese and Russian are excellent in addtion to my success in my academic field, but I have to improve my English everyday before moving to North America.Anyway, no one is perfect but if you’d like to marry someone in another country, you have to be proficient in the official language there so that you can have a better life in the future ( you can have an excellent job in China as well). Hopefully everyone understands my sugge广州新茶怎么找stion and don’t complain your poor life if you never make any efforts to improve yourself.
有点头大 睡午觉了
This article is responding the guys who are trying to marry the singles in the English speaking countries without enough language skill. Have a nice day!
After graduation,you’re the first one writting in English on websites. I’m so lucky to meet such an friend as you. I am not a man who is a master in English, although my major is foreign language.As you said, one could not live a better life abroad,if he(she) doesn’t master the official language.Overseas people must treat it as the most basic skill if they want to make much great developments.All in all, wishing more chances to communicate with you.(Of course, if you like)
Eventually someone can understand my points and respond me in a positive way in English…I was wondering why there were so many inliterate singles in this websites before…Cheers and have a wonderful day in the beautiful Inner Mongolian city.
Thank you for your contact info but I use MSN instead of QQ for communication and it’s so frustrating and time consuming for me to download in Chinese website and type in Chinese characters in my current country. Cheers.
Thanks for your reply.In fact, I am also excited to meet you here. I could not discribe my feeling at this moment, really.You said, most of the people here don’t understand you and even be doubtful of you,because I had browsed all of the articles at this website. Actually,I think there is no necessary to comment others wether she is authentic or inveracious. To be here, communication is the most important thing to do.So, I am so glad to know you don’t mind my poor English.Thanks!It’s time for your supper,right?Thinking, it is so intersting. When you sleep, I work.When I sleep, you work.Oh, forget telling you, I work in an branch of a foreign corporation in Chifeng,Inner Mongolia.Although,I was born in the countryside,although I earn little money per month,althou广州龙洞800一次学生gh I live alone, I am happy!Thanks for your reply again! waiting for your further information…Yours Sincerely,Alvin(My English name)
Nice to meet you here, too. You are a bright young man with a great future for sure. Because the time zone is different, your morning is our evening so the import and export business or a branch of a foreign company has to adjust their working hours a bit to communicate with the other parties in other continients or their head quarter…I enjoy your proficient English writing and glad to see you have great potential. Yes, it’s dinner time now.
Thanks for your words. I am so happy to hear about you.Could you use any other ways to contact with me? Our company don’t allow browse any websites. Could you use E-mail ?Thanks again,my friend!
I understand your company’s rule as we have branches in Beijing, Tianjin, and other countries, and I am their bosses’s boss上海足浴店花头 working in the head quarter in North America…
I understand your company’s rule as we have branches in Beijing, Tianjin, and other countries, and I am their bosses’s boss working in the head quarter in North America…Anyway, we are in different generations……I will not write anything here from now on as I am too busy to spend time in SP after my vacation but you can send mail to me. Truthfully speaking, this website isn’t a suitable one for meeting quanlity friends in an international view if you’d like to be a successful man even though we love China.Good luck with you especially in your personal career development. P.S. One couple of my university classmates are the professors in your University because the couple built a relationship in the fourth year and wanted to be dispatched to the same city–but our major is in Science instead of foreign languages, though.
Thanks for your message and encourage.I will insist on working hard in the future.Because I know there’s no royal road for anynone to choo爱上海同城论坛油压se. Success is just belonged to the one who has made sufficient preparation.Desire to have more chance to talk with you in the future. I am so honored to listen more stories about you and your life overseas as well domestic.Because everything you told is benificial for me.It’s too late, have a good rest, tomorrow is another colorful day, isn’t it ? Oh,could you tell me your E-mail ? It will be convenient for our contact later.I know you are busy in the following days.It doesn’t matter,when you are free, you can reply me.Good night,my dear friend…
my dear friends , its seemed there are only you guys can communicate in thi上海洋马联系方式s website, my god, you can send private messages to each other, although i am not going to see your talking record, sorry
Thanks for your suggestion…Best regards.
No news is good news…
I couldn’t reply your emails because of your setting and I am trying to find a friend in my age but you are too young …so please understand it.If you like to develop yourself, I suggest you preparing GMAT for MBA study in America or in Canada then your salary will be increased significantly after your graduation. I completed EMBA a decade ago. Best wishes and sorry for late response.
i am daisy working in xiamen, doing some expport business.I totally agree Lily’s point,about english and hard to find suitable friends on this website.could lily accept fema广州qt场及js汇总le’s friend? Best Regards.Daisy
Hi Daisy, I read your profile and your artic花都95场le published in “the singles overseas”…You are an outstanding girl.
Yea…Being a friend, I tried to respond you in a private message but it failed. Anyway, you can try to seek your partner in some English websites…Good luck!
What’s up? Don’t work and study too hard to browse SP…lol

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